What if reality can be hacked?

Join us as we discover the secrets of the worlds leading thinkers on how to hack personal reality

Reality Hacks

Bullet-point speed hacks delivered to you daily to insure you learn to hack every area of your life.
From relationships to business and everything in between.

Micro Master Class

Here we focus on the core ideas from UI/UX, development, business strategies, health and dating, to just scrape the surface.
As we deep-dive into the skills needed for hacking reality.

Lifestyle Experience

Lets be honest, it's no good if it's just talk... So we also go deep into all the toys, destinations and experiences we want to bring into this new reality.

Challenge the limits

of your hologram

Join us on the challenge of a lifetime. How much time do you honestly think you have left to realize your dreams? Do you honestly want to discover that time has run out and your excuses or lack of knowledge or action has prevented you from living the life that is possible for you?

Jacques Artgraven, Host

“You owe it to your haters, to give them a REAL reason to be jealous, or they will simply make one up and it won’t be as interesting” 

Tony Wake, Host

Our focus

We focus on hacks in 7 major categories, which we explore internationally but address specifically for South Africans including:

Toys, travel and lifestyle – Fashion and beauty – Architecture and design –  Technology and digital – Health, diet and fitness – Influence, relationships and leadership – Money and Business by dissecting these in specific ways.

Micro Master Classes

We go in detail to find the key secrets for success in these areas by finding the experts and distilling their hacks.

Real Time Experience

Instead of just taking it on faith, we challenge these theories and put them to test in our lives whilst showing every part of the process so you can learn with us.

Live The Outcome

From unboxing the latest toys, test driving the best in engineering, travelling to the most exotic places in the most beautiful of ways. Let us be your guides to first class living.
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Your hosts

Unlike most shows, Hack the Hologram is hosted by true masters of their craft. With a combined 40 plus years in the technologies that drives both digital and human behaviour. Our hosts get to the core of the subject matter and ask the tough questions from a position of experience.

Jacques Artgraven


A Technical full stack and polyglot who has led digital teams and agencies above and below the line, with a focus on future technology, innovation, human centered design, infrastructure and digital story telling.

Tony Wake

The MindWalker

One of the top 10 Hypnotists, master influencers and behavioural experts in the world today. Having worked in almost every industry, therapy and coaching, helping businesses and individuals transform in record time.

Our Expertise

The Show has a focus on 7 Sub catagories

Our focus is to find first-class level experiences and education in each of these sub areas in the form of hacks and secrets to master every aspect related to them

The Therapist: mental health and personal development
The Warrior: health, fitness and nutrition
The Executive: money, business leadership and investement
The Hacker: Technology and digital
The Artist: Social and creative, the arts and fashion
The Trend Setter: Social, travel and lifestyle
The Home Maker: Architecture, interior design and family

Want to be on the show ?

Do you have something amazing to showcase? or a powerful set of insights that can make a difference in our supported fields? then contact us today

    Join us as we discover the secrets of the world’s leading thinkers on how to hack personal reality.

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