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Advanced Story Selling

Story driven content is the most powerful form of influence as it has captured our imagination since the dawn of time.

Lets be honest we are all use to the normal sales and advertising model and when we notice signs of it we run automated unconscious rituals of what it means and disconnect from the experience.

Yet in stories we not only become engaged but we suspend the critical factor and allow ourselves to emotionally experience the story and identify with its characters

Narrative imagining — story — is the fundamental instrument of thought. Rational capacities depend upon it. It is our chief means of looking into the future, or predicting, of planning, and of explaining.”

The Heroes Journey

There are many models of story telling but none so well researched as the work by Joseph Cambell in the hero’s journey.

In this work Joseph a professor of mythology identifies 12 core steps in the patterns of all stories from Romeo and Juliet to the bible to original cultural myths that stretch beyond culture. 

There is indeed a pattern to story we all as human beings respond to and has become the bedrock of Hollywood films, major music albums as well as some of the top tier marketing and influence campaigns in the world today

The Characters

The problem is often that we only link to individual characters but we forget that ideas can also be characters when they are correctly build up. the brain links different emotions through the power of relationship.

this is why in film we depict certain characters or certain states like fear or joy and build in attributes such as a color, a symbol a word of some sort so that when we finally reveal the character or idea the mind of the viewer has not only predicted its coming by building the relationship but can anchor those states together with the introduced idea

The projection of Status

but this is not to produce identification or relationship with the character and for this we look to evolutionary biology. 

As human beings we are designed to look and be drawn to status. this is part of our survival wet wiring as higher status ensures us greater survival and replication probability and as such it is embedded into the goals we set and the circles we are either engaged in or wish to engage in as association to this produces relationship

right part at the right time/platform

Most modern social media marketers apply parts of one of these ideas or they attempt to apply the bulk of them but they fail as this context was not to be communicated in a single instance as relationship development requires it to be developed over a time arc which is the rule in film and in music.

we cannot appreciate a film or a song if it wasnt structured over time.

we cannot develop a relationship with someone if its not done over time and in different locations or the result of a range of different emotions.

these locations and different emotions in digital today is represented by the many different platforms as each has its own value.

you would not put on tik tok what you would on twitter or facebook.

each audience is different but each user visits each platforms based on different stages of their emotional range as such not only should the content here be relative but used to build the continuity and as such the trust and integrity of the story.

Invest with us

I hope that this helps clarify not only the compelling power of story, status, character and medium over time to influence and build community but to establish trust and relationship and authority in a digital world but also to help you understand that this information is spreading and the longer you wait to take advantage and start planning complete strategies the more difficult it will be as competition grows.

As such its not just about giving us a single product to unbox but working with us to demonstrate a lifestyle and build narratives that involves you. conversations, emotional arc’s and much more as you invest in this project the audience becomes invested in you


Invest in long tail Story Telling

Let us build a relationship where we become brand ambassadors for you with more than an audience but with a growth and investment strategy

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